No one's listening

Music Video

Conrad Cooper Music Video - "No One's Listening." Composed and Produced by John Groves. Performed by Charles Simmons and Deborah Lee. Produced by Mike Fuhrmann, Valerie Doran Dalena, Jean-Pierre Schoch, Enrico Schoch, Linda Gasser. Original Film Directed by Valerie Doran Dalena. Music Footage Directed by Jean-Pierre Schoch, Adam Venker as Conrad CooperSean Burgos, Melissa Biethan, Paul Louis Harrell, Terr oon Kibwe, Pili Valdes, Ava Harris, Ron McPherson, Bethany W. Gates, Ashley Cohen, Jason Cohen, Leslie Madariaga, Ken Dalena.

  • Genre: Music video
  • Running time: 5 minutes 36 seconds
  • Performed by: Charles Simmons and Deborah Lee
  • Composed and Produced by: John Groves
  • In collaboration with: Make Art Make a Difference LLC
  • Tools: RED Epic-X - Panther dolly - After Effects CC - Premiere Pro CC
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