Lights, Camera, Action!

Ledfilms is a small production studio located in Lugano, Switzerland. The studio was founded on 2008 and from the start, our commitment was to create, produce and delivery great visual content to our clients.

We offer you a professional support in the video and photo production. Whatever is your idea or need, we can help you in the production process with our creative point of view, experience and competence.

Contact us anytime , and let's start working together in your next project.

Video Production

We take care of the 3 main steps of the production workflow: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. From the initial idea to the final delivery.

Photo Shooting

We shoot in location or in studio using continuous lights or strobes depending of your project and request.

Equipment Rental

We rent our in-house equipment for local small/medium budget production. We can also help you in the production of your project and rent from bigger rental houses located in Zurich or Milan.