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Step into our full-service production company located in Lugano, Switzerland. Let our know-how, experience, and passion shape your next visual content.

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This is what we can offer for your business

Video Pre-Production

We manage and organize your project, handling all essential production aspects before capturing the scene. We assist you in transforming your ideas into a tangible vision, developing the narrative structure, and breaking it down in preparation for pre-production.

Every detail is important, from casting to set design, location scouting, permits, lighting design, shooting floor plans, and the production schedule.


Script development

We help you to put your ideas into words to create the right story for your product. We develop the narrative structure, write the script and do the breakdown to get ready to shoot and capture the scene.


Casting & audition

If your video needs an actor, a model or just that guy with that particular look, we can take care of the casting and audition to find the right talent, based on your request.


Set design

We love to build things and create the ideal enviroment for the shot. We play with fornitures, volumes and colors to obtain what is need it.


Location scouting

We do location scouting to find that beautiful place for your shot, or to simple check the client's space prior to the shooting, to undertand how to set the lights and the camera.

Video Production

We produce various types of videos, optimized and prepared for deployment across a diverse range of platforms simultaneously. Beginning with one master file, we generate all necessary formats, from the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio for television broadcast to the vertical or square format for social media delivery.

We offer different video solutions for your brand:



Video advertising is the best way to penetrate the market. Why? Because is short and entertain with (emotions) humor, drama or suspance.

We combine narrative and visual concepts to produce and craft stories that effectively communicate and convey your message, product, and brand in a powerful 15-second cinematic format.


Corporate video

A corporate video should be your primary presentation asset, showcasing your workforce and the company's vision, mission and values to everyone.

We know how to translate these concepts into a video, we can assist you in scripting, creating, shooting, and editing the optimal video solution that enhances and elevates your company.

We consistently invest in professional film equipment to provide you with the highest quality.

This isn't just talk; it's our commitment backed by the essential tools to make it happen.


Testimonial video

Now you can sharing an authentic testimonial video to help your company build trust and credibility with your costumers.

Our collaboration can assist you throughout the process: we select the right customers to record, guide them in performing and speaking in front of the camera, and create the desired look and feel for the final video.


Tutorial video

Tutorial videos simplify complex concepts and provide a clear and structured learning experience for your audience using images and sound.

We can help you to visually structure your information to ensure it is easily understandable, creating a seamless and effective educational experience for your audience.


Product video

A product video helps showcase and highlight your product's features and benefits within a narrative composition.

We thrive on creating and telling stories around products or services because we understand that without a compelling concept, a product is merely a soulless object.


Animation video

Animation videos transform complex information into a fresh and engaging art content easy to enjoy.

Our process begins with the animation concept, followed by the storyboard that helps to visualize and understand how to develop it. We use analog and digital techniques to design the animations.


Short film

Short films are effective and complex narrative art forms. At its core there is pure cinematic style and vision.

We blend storytelling and visuals, framing and motion, lights and actors' performance to create cinematic experiences that entertain, inspire, and provoke thought.

Did you know that Nowadays companies use short films to indirectly promote the brand. Interesting eh?


Music video

Music videos translate and transform sounds into artistic visual representations, using storytelling to emotionally connect with the viewer.

Our technical collaboration can assist you to produce your next music video: we take care of organizing, budgeting, creating, and developing the right narrative for your music style.

Each video solution can be adapted for your marketing strategy.
Let's have a talk to see what we can do together.

Video Post-Production

We offer an extensive array of post-production services to achieve the perfect look and feel for your brand: Editing, color grading, original soundtracks, audio mixing, voice-over recording, graphics, 2D animations, compositing, and much more.


Video Editing

Sculpt your narrative with skilled editing, weaving scenes into a compelling story. Precision and creativity converge to bring your vision to life, ensuring a seamless and impactful visual experience.


Color grading

Elevate your visuals with emotion and style through meticulous color grading. Our expert touch creates a captivating cinematic experience, infusing every frame with depth and atmosphere.


Sound mix & soundtracks

Sound is a key factor to achieve quality in any visual content. We are able to compose an original music soundtrack or an sound brand for your company.



Craft a visually stunning narrative by seamlessly blending elements. Our compositing expertise adds depth and magic to your storytelling, ensuring a cohesive and enchanting visual experience.

We love to create shooting concepts and narrative structure ideas, ensuring optimal production quality within the designated budget and timeframe constraints.

We have worked for local and international brands like: Swiss Re, Julius Baer, Cerbios, USI, Helsinn, SBB/FFS, TILO, Tior, Noko Bike, MJH Studios (NY), Smyle Creative Group (London) and others.

Ledfilms backstage video production
Ledfilms backstage video production
Ledfilms backstage video production
Ledfilms backstage video production
Ledfilms backstage video production
Ledfilms backstage video production
Ledfilms backstage video production