The studio

LEDFILMS is a Creative and Production Studio built to offer the best quality in the video production industry. We are a full service production company providing our clients with support from pre production through post production. Leveraging our experience as well as relationships with crew, rental houses, and locations. Since 2008 we have been driven by the passion for new technologies and workflows in video productions, photography and design.

We love story telling and as part of our work, we take care of all the scripting process and pre-production step from the idea, the script delevop, to the shooting schedule. No matter how big or small is the project.


At LEDFILMS we offer video production, still photography, video post production, motion graphics, compositing and design services to corporates and private clients.

Our work process is based on extensive research, working together with our clients on the ideas and the development process to make the best possible production within the allotted budget and time.

Good stories and strong concepts are our strength points.


LEDFILMS can provide as little or as much as you need for your video production. From producers to directors to sound and image capture experts, our network of industry leading professionals are on call to provide you with the skills needed to pre produce, organise and execute your shoot to the highest possible standards. We match the crew and the equipment to meet the requirements of your production and fit within your budget.

Showreel 2016



Personal Architecture - Video Advert

LEDFILMS created and developmented from pre-production to post-production this video advert for Archtailor. Archtailor of Lugano is much more than just a simple architectural firm: it is a lifestyle, a unique opportunity to find one's own style and create something original, precious and exclusive. Directed by Jean-Pierre Schoch, Assistant director Nicolas Bachmann, Producer assistant Ali Qehaj. Editing and Post-production by Jean-Pierre Schoch.

  • Client: Archtailor
  • Genre: Advertising
  • Running time: 1 minutes
  • Format / aspect ratio: 2K Master / 2:1
  • Project status: Delivered



Corporate video 2016 for Cerbios - Pharma SA, produced by LEDFILMS and Directed by Jean-Pierre Schoch, Assistant director Nicolas Bachmann, Producer assistant Ali Qehaj. Editing and Post-production by Jean-Pierre Schoch

  • Client: Cerbios - Pharma SA
  • Genre: Corporate video
  • Running time: 3 minutes 20 seconds
  • Format / aspect ratio: 4K Master / 2:1
  • Project status: Delivered

BaerOnline advert

Julius Baer financial application

BaerOnline video advert. Produced by LEDFILMS (Jean-Pierre Schoch and Enrico Schoch). concept & script by Jean-Pierre Schoch and Nicolas Bachmann. Directed by Jean-Pierre Schoch. Music by: UHDCreations. Assistant director Nicolas Bachmann. Camera operator Francesco Donati. Photography Jean-Pierre Schoch and Daniel Macher. Producer assistant Ali Qehaj. Make-up artist Carmen Cataño. Actors Stefano Apicella, Kelly Chen, Leonardo Ruta and Nicolas Bachmann. Editing and Post-production by Jean-Pierre Schoch and Nicolas Bachmann

  • Client: Julius Baer
  • Genre: Advertising
  • Running time: 2 minutes 30 seconds
  • Format / aspect ratio: 4K Master / 2:1
  • Project status: Delivered


One Small Step For Man - short film

Currently in pre-production, One Small Step for Man is a short film about 2 teenegers that talk about their dreams and passions. A simple story that shows how the same feeling can be express in different forms. Produced by LEDFILMS and writen and directed by Jean-Pierre Schoch. Principal photography estimated by april 2016

  • Director: Jean-Pierre Schoch
  • Genre: Short film - Drama
  • Running time: 8 minutes
  • Format / aspect ratio: 4K Master / 2:1
  • Project status: Pre-Production


Associate Producer - Medium-length film

This is a project produced in Ticino through an international crowd funding and local support. It was shot on location in Lugano and at the Polivideo Studios in Riazino, during the months of July and August.

Open Land is a unique project because it’s production design was the outcome of a music, dance, and narrative performance called “Miss Understanding”, presented in Ticino throughout 2014.

  • Director: Felix Bachmann Quadros
  • Genre: Noir / Crime / with experimental narrative through dance
  • Running time: 38 minutes
  • Format / aspect ratio: 1920x1080 HD / 16:9
  • Project status: Delivered

BaerOnline tutorials

Julius Baer financial application video tutorials

Corporate video tutorials series (7 videos, here we only show the introduction) of the financial web-based application BaerOnline for Intermediaries by Julius Baer. Julius Bär Group Ltd. is a Swiss private banking group. It has locations in more than 20 countries. Switzerland and Asia are the group’s two home markets, with the head office being located in Zurich. Editing and Post-production by Jean-Pierre Schoch

  • Client: Julius Baer
  • Genre: Corporate / in-house video
  • Running time: 3 minutes each
  • Format / aspect ratio: 1920x1080 HD / 16:9
  • Project status: Delivered

The case of Conrad Cooper

Co-Producer Short film

Conrad’s personal journey is told with strong visuals and a compelling musical score. The story has a universal theme, relatable and understandable to audiences around the world no matter their language, culture or education. Filming took place in Long Beach, California in October 2013. During pre-production, production and post production, talent from over a dozen markets in the United States and Europe collaborated to bring Conrad Cooper to life. Professional performers were employed under a Basic Agreement with SAG-AFTRA – The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

  • Director: Valerie Doran Dalena
  • Genre: Drama short film
  • Running time: 18 minutes
  • Format / aspect ratio: 1920x1080 HD / 16:9
  • Link: www.thecaseofconradcooper.com
  • Notes: Co-Production

No one's listening

The case of Conrad Cooper soundtrack music video

Conrad Cooper Music Video - "No One's Listening." Composed and Produced by John Groves. Performed by Charles Simmons and Deborah Lee. Produced by Mike Fuhrmann, Valerie Doran Dalena, Jean-Pierre Schoch, Enrico Schoch, Linda Gasser. Original Film Directed by Valerie Doran Dalena. Music Footage Directed by Jean-Pierre Schoch, Adam Venker as Conrad CooperSean Burgos, Melissa Biethan, Paul Louis Harrell, Terr oon Kibwe, Pili Valdes, Ava Harris, Ron McPherson, Bethany W. Gates, Ashley Cohen, Jason Cohen, Leslie Madariaga, Ken Dalena

  • Genre: Music video
  • Running time: 5 minutes 36 seconds
  • Performed by: Charles Simmons and Deborah Lee
  • Composed and Produced by: John Groves
  • In collaboration with: Make Art Make a Difference LLC

Nevercrew - labelux video

Fondazione Bally per la cultura

This video were made for Nevercrew an artist "duo" that won Bally Artist 2012. The Bally Cultural Foundation’s sole objective is to try and highlight real talent resident in the Italian part of Switzerland that will have the opportunity to be promoted and supported internationally by one of the world’s most famous brand in the luxury sector.

  • Client: Fondazione Bally
  • Genre: Video
  • Running time: 3 minutes 35 seconds
  • Format / aspect ratio: 1920x960 HD / 2:1
  • Project status: Released
  • Artist: Nevercrew

Sono MCSN 5758, un Neusticosauro

Editing - Monte San Giorgio, UNESCO World Heritage in Switzerland

Produced by Mira Films Zurich and directed by Niccolò Castelli "Sono MCSN 5758, un Neusticosauro (Monte San Giorgio)" is a documentary short film part of the series of short films “World Heritage in Switzerland” of the Swiss Commission for UNESCO about the World Heritage sites existing on the national territory.


Executive Master in Business Administration MBA

The USI EMBA is a modular, advanced master in management degree, taught in English, by the exceptional international faculty at Università della Svizzera italiana. Participants meet once a month in Lugano for four days, from Thursday to Sunday, over a period of fourteen months. Editing and Post-production by Jean-Pierre Schoch

  • Client: EMBA
  • Genre: Corporate video
  • Running time: 4 minutes 50 seconds
  • Format / aspect ratio: 1920x960 HD / 2:1
  • Project status: Released


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