Film equipment are essential tools for our job and we always use the best tools.

We constantly invest in cinema cameras, lights, audio, grips and post-production software and hardware.

Nowadays technology allows us to capture everything, everywhere. Mobile phones are just perfect for doing so: simple and easy to use. However, filmmaking is different story. It is about creating something, not just capturing it. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes: before, during and after shooting. One needs to create the perfect moment, the perfect story that we and our clients are looking for... Professional equipment helps professional people to achieve the perfect shot.

Camera Dept.

  • RED Helium 8K cinema camera kit For rent
  • Battery V-Lock kitFor rent
  • Mattebox
  • Red mediaFor rent
  • Tripod + 100mm bowl head CartoniFor rent
  • Wireless follow focus kit
  • Director monitors + wireless transmitter
  • Zeiss cine lens kit (PL mount)
  • Filter set

Grip Dept.

  • Proaim doorway dollyFor rent
  • Proaim Crane 12ftFor rent
  • Gimbal ZHIYUN + accessories
  • Dana Dolly kitFor rent
  • Butterfly Lastolite 2x2m
  • Butterfly Lastolite 3x3m
  • Butterfly Lastolite 3x3m green screen
  • Lastolite Green/blue collapseble 2x2m
  • Lastolite Studio Cubelight 1x1m
  • C-Stands + regular stands
  • Wooden Camera should rigFor rent

Lights Dept.

  • Kinoflo 4Bank 4ft (3 units)For rent
  • Kinoflo 2Bank 4ftFor rent
  • Fresnel 5kFor rent
  • Fresnel 2kFor rent
  • Arri fresnel kit (1k, 650, 300)For rent
  • Quasar Science led light tubes kitFor rent
  • Aputure Nova P300 led RGBWW panel
  • Aputure 600D Pro
  • Aputure 4 MC kit RGB ledFor rent
  • Aputure 12 MC kit RGB ledFor rent

Our In-House professional equipment allows us to fulfill any client production needs. If production requires bigger equipment or more units, we - in collaboration with our rental house partners in Milan and Zurich - can provide everything you need.