It's not possible. No, it's necessary.

Interstellar (2014), dialogue Case - Cooper

Ledfilms is a Creative and Production Studio built to offer professional services in the film industry.

Our 15 years of experience in the show business, driven by our creative commitment and passion, make us a potential and valuable provider of your visual content.

Located in Lugano, a strategic place in Southern Switzerland (Italian speaking region), we have direct access to all the beautiful Swiss locations and to a whole range of services that Milan can offer. Depending on the size of your production, we can organize everything from A to Z (from pre- to post-production) in our facility or do a location scouting and find the right spot for your project.

Quality, tailor-made production is our goal with any client. Many local and well-known Swiss as well as international brands trust us. If you are looking for a creative partner to produce your video content, we will be happy to have a dialogue about your needs and our creative offer.