Here at Ledfilms we always believe in new technologies, infact we were the first studio in Lugano to own a 4K camera.

Ledfilms production studio was founded by JP Schoch in 2008. It was the dawn of the digital cinema revolution. In 2006 RED Digital Cinema announced the RED One, a revolutionary cinema camera able to shoot in 4K.

Now, can you imagine what does 4K mean, 15 years ago? At that age this kind of resolution was utopia and many people labeled it as a scam. As a young filmmaker, back to Lugano from Rome where I completed my film studies, I pre-order a RED One Cinema Camera in 2007. During that year there was just prototypes that directors like; Peter Jackson and Steven Soderbergh, were using to test and to proof that technology had the capacity to shoot that kind of resolution digitally.

On November 2008 we received our first RED cinema camera, and Ledfilms started its journey in the video production industry. We were the first studio in Lugano, and one of the few in Switzerland, to own and work with a 4K cinema camera, the RED ONE.

13 years later we keep investing in new technologies, know-how and equipment, because better tools, help us to offer our clients the best solutions and the best quality without compromise.